Teleport Monarch


Single-channel video. 21:35 min.

Vimeo: Full version available as online screener (in SD). Please write me to access copy.


A young man pulls in at a roadside stop on the freeway. The lone traveller puts on fuel his car and gets lunch at the roadside restaurant chain, Monarch. However, the exit acts as a teleport, sending the man unwillingly to other branches in the same chain. The digital video fiction Teleport Monarch follows its central character closely as he goes in and out of different roadside restaurants and tries to find his way back to his car.

Shot on location at 17 different Monarchs and featuring non-actors, the video short blends elements from science-fiction and documentary.

Video by Nick Bruhn-Petersen

Starring Lasse Bundgaard

Music by Peter Skibsted